We are a collective of Canadians striving for cutting-edge acute leukemia care.

Every Canadian with leukemia deserves access to world-class therapy, including the latest drug advancements, leading-edge research, diagnostic technologies, and trials. That’s why we’re coming together to connect Canadians with every resource possible.

We're creating a national network of experts working together to define cutting-edge standards.

All Canadians are entitled to the same high standard of leukemia care, regardless of their geography, age, or other circumstances, and this standard should match or exceed the best in the world.

Our mission:

To improve the diagnosis and treatment of acute leukemia in Canada.

As a collective, we aim to:

Improve acute leukemia care in Canada by advancing a world-class standard-of care for all Canadians, and by facilitating the ability of those who treat leukemia across the country to deliver optimal quality care in an equitable manner.

The issue:

Acute leukemia numbers continue to increase.

To date, there has been no unified Canadian acute leukemia group.

Other jurisdictions have benefited from centralized acute leukemia study treatment groups for decades. As a result, they have developed common philosophies and high standards of care, and have produced standard-changing clinical trial outputs. Initiatives such as these are needed in Canada.

That's why we're here.

Virtual Launch Event

CLSG/GCEL will be launching formally this September in a series of virtual meetings. Join us for one of these launch webinars in which we will discuss the aims and goals of our organization, and will invite expanded membership and participation. Wide cross-Canada participation will be essential for our success in improving leukemia treatment across Canada. 

The formal launch of CSLG/GCEL will take place during 3 one hour webinars (to accommodate different time zones and availabilities). 

Please register for one of these webinars! Please join CLSG/GCEL!


September 15th, 2020


September 17th, 2020